Landscape Lighting Services

  Design & Installation

With over 18 years of landscape experience in both residential and commercial; Tom Reed has the knowledge to create the optimal effect of your landscape using LED lighting systems. During a one on one consultation Tom will listen to your landscape lighting needs and use his knowledge and experience to make your landscape come alive at night! Once installed Light It Up will adjust your lighting system at night to ensure the optimal desired lighting effects.

   LED Lighting 

Using low voltage LED lamps instead of halogen lamps in your landscape lighting fixtures can save up to 75% on your energy bills. The savings from low voltage to line voltage 120 watt lighting systems are even significantly greater.


LED lighting has a much longer life span not only on the lamps but the fixtures themselves. LED gives you more options on the appearance of the light output as opposed to halogen or line voltage landscape lighting systems.

Light it up! Uses only the finest quality fixtures, transformers and miscellaneous parts such as wire and connectors that stand up to our harsh coastal environment. It is because of these quality products that we confidently provide a lifetime warranty on all fixtures and transformers. Light it up! Primarily uses LED lamps which come with a 5 year warranty but generally last longer than that.

   Repair & Maintenance

Light it up! Provides repair services of all low voltage lighting systems from assessment of the problem to execution of repairs. We also can make additions to any low voltage system to enhance what you may already have.

Light it up! Also offers maintenance to either your new landscape lighting system or your existing system i.e. going through the entire system to make sure all lamps are functioning, cleaning lenses, trimming plant material that may be obstructing illumination.